Fears & Phobias

Solve fears & phobias with hypnotherapy

What is the difference between a fear and a phobia?

A fear is a natural reaction when faced with possible real danger, for example the fear of heights when walking at the edge of a cliff.  A fear is your survival instinct to keep you safe.

A phobia would have originated from a natural fear and it can be considered similar, however, a phobia is quite different because it has become irrational, an exaggerated fear.  Often everyday situations that present little or no danger can greatly affect a person with a phobia.

Arachnophobia (fear of spiders) is partly a natural fear because in certain countries a spider can be dangerous, even deadly!  However, it is classed as a phobia because someone with a fear of spiders is too terrified to come into contact with a common house spider without feeling anxious or even hysterical.

The majority of people have at least one form of a phobia.  The most common symptom of a phobia is anxiety, feelings of panic and complete loss of control, consequently this can fuel the phobia even more.

People with phobias usually know that their fears are completely irrational, however, they are unable to control it.  The methods they use can actually make the phobia feelings much worse. Avoiding the situations that they know will cause them anxiety and feelings of dread only reinforces the phobia.


Generally most phobias continue without any interference with your usual day to day life.  Because of this people don’t tend to seek a solution to these types of phobias.  However, there are types of phobias that greatly restrict a person’s life and at this point it is often beneficial to seek a resolution to the phobia.  One in particular is the Fear of Flying because this can greatly impact on a person’s life experience and maybe even their career.

Another, again which can greatly affect a person’s life experience and career is Social Phobia.  Social phobia’s affect people when anticipating social situations.  It’s the most common form of phobia which is also known as Social Anxiety and can also be linked with Agoraphobia (fear of crowds, open spaces, public spaces and/or travelling alone).   Social Phobia comes from the fear of being around people and the probability of needing to interact with other people, subsequently being judged negatively by them.  Avoidance of social situations just reinforces the behaviour and hence the phobia gets worse, it becomes a vicious circle.


It can be different from one person to another but many symptoms include:


Feelings of Anxiety


Feelings of Dread


Racing Heartbeat










Difficulty Communicating




We are not born with phobias, however, babies are born with two instinctive fears! The fear of falling and the fear of loud noises.  These fears often stay with us, a natural and credible fear.  However, sometimes, the fear of falling can progress towards the fear of heights or the fear of flying.  But generally phobias come from our childhoods and are learned  behaviours from other people, particularly our parents.  For example, you were not born with a fear of spiders, you have learnt to be afraid maybe from a parent hysterical in the presence of a spider.  We learn most of our subconscious behaviours from an early age from our parent’s behaviours.


Hypnotherapy helps to identify the sensitising incident and the cause of the phobia and Leanne will use various techniques to release the phobia from a client’s mind. Often the emotion would be reframed that is associated with the phobia and disassociation techniques are usually used to remove the phobia for good. Quite often the worse the phobia is, the easier it is to remove!

Hypnotherapy can usually remove a phobia in just one session!


The Fear of Flying is one of the most common fears that Leanne treats with hypnotherapy.  It can be a very life limiting fear to have and can restrict people in their careers as well as their personal lives. It’s amazing how many people miss out on their holiday of their dreams because they are so terrified of flying.

Leanne uses various techniques over 2 sessions of intense hypnotherapy.  One about 4 weeks before the flight and the second just before you go.  I will also provide you with an MP3/CD for home use as part of the therapy plan.

The cost for this therapy is £150.00