HypnoSize You

Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy with a unique and liberating system called HypnoSizeYou

Diets don’t work, fact!

If you diet and lose weight counting calories, points, syns or anything else you will lose weight while you’re on the diet but your thought processes will remain the same as before, at some point you will slip back to old unhealthy habits that are programmed in your subconscious from an early age. Most people who diet are driven towards a goal, for example, losing weight for a summer holiday abroad, a wedding or Christmas. But when the goal is reached by the time period in mind, they fall back to their old eating patterns again and sometimes end up even bigger than they were before.

If this sounds like you then HypnoSizeYou could be the answer you’ve been looking for, carry on reading!

Are you overweight because you overeat? If so, this program is designed for you. As long as there are no underlying health issues that are your problem, then it’s likely the problem is your subconscious mind and you will respond well to Hypnotherapy.

Do you eat for emotion? There are lots of people who reach for the sweet stuff or savoury snacks or their favourite tipple when they feel down and need cheering up, are bored, upset, stressed and various other emotional triggers. After all, it most likely cheered you up when you were little when parents would spoil you with all those lovely sweet things to make you feel happy. HypnoSizeYou will help you to become aware of what emotional triggers you have and how to manage them, it’s thoroughly liberating!

Once you are shown how, changing your habits is actually very easy.

Imagine a life of no more slimming clubs, no more fad diets, freedom from thinking about food all the time, where no food is prohibited and you’ve overcome emotional eating.


HypnoSizeYou is a 4-week programme that addresses YOUR reasons for gaining weight and focuses on making permanent changes in the subconscious part of your mind to program permanent lifestyle changes that will make reaching your optimum weight and maintaining it for the rest of your life AUTOMATIC and the way that nature intended.

The reason why Hypnosis is so powerful is because it changes your long-term habits and replaces them with positive habits that are with you for life. We will also work on your confidence throughout the program which will empower you and put you in such a positive state of mind.

HypnoSizeYou connects your mind and body and makes losing weight easy and able to keep it off forever.