Pain Management


One day, a little boy living in Germany in the 18th Century had to undergo a serious operation to remove a tumour that was growing on his head.  In the absence of any anaesthesia, the procedure would be a risky one.  Before and during the operation, the little boy’s mother held his hand tightly and told him a story so vivid and so fantastic that the little boy was completely engrossed – this is hypnosis.  The surgery was a success and throughout the operation the little boy had felt no great discomfort whatsoever as his mind had been so completely focused on his mother’s amazing story.  That little boy was Jacob Grimm, and the story was Snow White.

Hypnosis is a very useful tool to alleviate pain whether it’s Acute Pain which is short-term pain for example from an injury or temporary illness or Chronic Pain which is long-term, possibly permanent and may be because of a medical condition, or there may not be an obvious cause.  Most types of pain can be reduced or even taken away completely.  I’ve worked with people diagnosed with arthritis and other long term conditions such as Endometriosis, and many found that hypnotherapy, deep relaxation, visualisations and self-hypnosis were helpful in improving their sense of wellbeing and reduced their levels of pain.

Hypnotherapy is highly recommended for those that are dealing with long term pain as it connects the mind and body.  Stress and anxiety are common side effects of pain and long term illness and can make the sensation feel worse.  The way the mind responds to pain also connects to the perception of physical sensations.  Helping to reduce stress and change the thoughts related to pain can therefore make a huge difference to pain perception.

There are various techniques that Leanne will use in hypnosis but she will also address strategy and plan for you to self-manage your pain where appropriate.

It’s important to realise that hypnosis cannot treat the underlying condition and doesn’t eliminate the need for medical intervention. Also, that pain is the body’s warning system and it’s important not to try to ‘turn it off’ without identifying, and treating, the underlying cause.

Therefore, learning techniques for this purpose can only be undertaken with your doctor’s knowledge and permission.