Liv’s Story – Overcoming Anxiety

Read Liv’s story and testimony about how Hypnotherapy helped her overcome her condition. After developing a fear of travelling, which eventually left her isolated from family and friends, Liv decided to choose Hypnotherapy. A positive outcome with a truly life-altering experience.

A few years ago, my anxiety became overwhelming and seeped into every area of my life – from my work to my sense of self. Most painfully, I developed a fear of travelling which left me isolated from family and friends, who live all over the country. Before exploring hypnotherapy, I practised mindfulness, which enabled me to carry out my day-to-day life, and to be kinder to myself. However, I was simply learning to cope; I wasn’t thriving, and I wasn’t travelling. I had begun to accept my life would always be this way.

One day, I picked up Leanne’s leaflet and decided to email her. I quickly realised the worst outcome was experiencing no change at all. But when I met Leanne for a free consultation, I felt hopeful. Leanne is warm, funny, and unwaveringly supportive.

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I was able to discuss every aspect of my anxiety – even the most painful parts – and shared my reservations about the treatment. Namely, I was terrified of being hypnotised and experiencing a panic attack. Leanne put all my concerns at ease, and I left feeling lighter, and more positive than I had in a very long time. My first session of hypnotherapy was nothing like I expected; to me it feels like walking through a beautifully illustrated storybook. Some elements are difficult, like accepting that it’s time to move on from how you have been living. But it is so worth it. And all the while you are aware that Leanne is there beside you.

Over the next few weeks, Leanne checked in regularly with supportive messages or reminders, and things in my life began to subtly change. My family noticed I wasn’t contacting them as often for pep talks or supportive messages, and I no longer dreaded getting on the bus home after work. About halfway through my treatment with Leanne, I went to the cinema and on a night out – two things I hadn’t done in years. I came home exhausted and exhilarated, and I couldn’t wait to tell her all about it.

Leanne had kept track of my progress, and one day she pointed out that I hadn’t experienced a panic attack in five weeks. It had been so long, she had to go back through her notes to remind me what had caused it. Leanne provided me with a personalised hypnotherapy recording, which I listened to at least once a day – and still do. Then, before my final session, I calmly and curiously went on a short train journey. It was my first time on a train in years, and I waited for the anxiety to overwhelm me, but it didn’t. I was fine, and felt a surge of confidence when I stepped off the train. A few weeks later, I travelled by car to Herefordshire, then Surrey, and then back to Nottingham again… spending a well-overdue Christmas with my family.

I’ve now finished my treatments with Leanne, though I know she will always be there to give me a “top up” if I need it. Things aren’t exactly where I’d want them to be, but I feel resilient, capable, and determined. In the next few months, I will do many more train journeys, and the day I make it to Surrey to see my baby nephew will be the best of my life. I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone and everyone. If you consider hypnotherapy, even briefly, then it’s a sign you have a whole lot to gain from pursuing it. I can’t imagine finding anyone better for the task than Leanne. I cannot thank her enough for helping me feel what it’s like to thrive again. It has been a truly life-altering experience.



Ash’s Story – Chronic Anxiety

Ash came to me with chronic anxiety, he was fearful of his thoughts and physical symptoms and was living a very limited life. Within weeks we turned this around, to the point where he understood what was going on in his body and why and I taught him how to take control. He worked hard with his tools and techniques and now is a completely different person which is fabulous to see.

I came to Leanne as someone who struggled to do the simplest of things e.g. go to work. I would suffer from constant (almost all day, every day), severe anxiety which left me feeling a little helpless to be honest.

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After a complimentary assessment session and 5 proper sessions I am a completely different person to the one before I met Leanne.

The sessions were great and I would always come out of one feeling on a high but my favourite thing about going with Leanne is the fact that her support and help does not stop at the end of the session. There are a number of techniques/recordings she gave me that I can use to keep me on track and even after a number of months since my last session she is still in contact making sure I am keeping on track which is great.

One thing in particular I was helped with was my struggle to exercise due to the anxiety. Leanne targeted a fair amount of my time helping me overcome that – I hadn’t exercised for 2 years before I first saw Leanne, after the 1st session I went to the gym for the first time in 2 years and by the end of the final session I was, and still am, strenuously exercising 4-5 times a week. My whole life is so much better for seeing Leanne and I am so happy that I did. I genuinely felt like the person I was before was what my life had to be like but now I am enjoying life like a young lad should be and without seeing Leanne I would not be in this position.



Marita’s Story – Phobia and Anxiety

Listen to positive feedback from Marita Moore. A video message from one of my many happy clients.

Marita’s Story – Phobia and Anxiety

Listen to positive feedback from Marita Moore. A video message from one of my many happy clients.

Marita is a fitness professional and in her spare time she road bikes, it’s her passion. One day on a ride she was going downhill at 31mph when her brakes failed. You can imagine the fear as she flew across the main road at the bottom and crashed into a rotten wooden and barbed wire fence, she was very battered and bruised, but amazingly nothing broken or worse. She struggled to get back on the bike on the flat let alone going downhill. She was having severe anxiety and panic attacks every time she attempted a ride. The motion of going downhill even in her car was distressing. I saw Marita for three sessions, and happy to say she is back on the bike and enjoying it again. This video was sent to me the day after her third session.

Your Menopause Matters Success Stories

“Over the last 18 months I had been suffering from night sweats, daily hot flushes, low mood and anxiety. I had tried the usual herbal remedies and prescribed medications to no avail until a mutual friend recommended Leanne’s hypnotherapy programme, I was at my lowest point and willing to try anything.

Having never tried hypnotherapy before I started the programme with no preconceptions and was a little nervous of the unknown. However, Leanne was fantastic, she made me feel comfortable and in control throughout. From day one I felt more in control of my life and from week three have not had any night sweats, hot flushes or anxiety attacks and have slept through the night for the first time in years.

Your Menopause Matters has really changed my life and given me ME back!

I would definitely recommend this programme for any woman experiencing the difficulties that come with the menopause.

Thank you Leanne.”

Denise McCoid 

“I was at my wit’s end with my Menopause. Then a friend told me about Leanne and her Menopause Matters program. I have to say that now, four weeks later after completing the program, I am a completely different person.

No more night sweats no more hot flushes, no low mood, no sleepless nights. I used to be so tired and could have easily fell asleep at 3.00 every afternoon, but since doing the program I have more energy.

I still can’t believe it myself. I am more like my old self which I thought wasn’t going to be possible. I cannot thank Leanne and her Menopause Matters program enough.

She has literally given me my life back. All I can say is I’m so glad that there are people like Leanne who actually care what us women have to go through just give it a try yourself you will be amazed.

Good Luck.”

Jayne Gausden