Your Menopause Matters

And so do you

If you’re reading this page your most likely a modern woman facing a major transition in life plagued with symptoms that feel out of your control. Hot Flushes and night sweats, constant sleep disturbance, terrifying brain fog, excess weight, a non-existent sex life and moods that you can’t get your head around let alone the people around you.

Join my 6 Week Peri to Post Menopause Program and take control of your symptoms. Inspired by a study that reduced flushes and sweats by over 80%, and in some cases eliminated them altogether I have devised a Hypnotherapy program connecting mind and body using simple and powerful techniques that tackle EVERY symptom that peri to post menopausal women experience.

I will tailor our sessions completely around your unique needs. You don’t have to put up with how you feel. You can take control. And together we can get you feeling human again, alive, revitalised and transitioning naturally, safely and confidently through the menopause so that you get your positive, happy and healthy life back.

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a fully qualified Peri to Post Menopause Wellness Coach. My passion is helping women to realise their potential in menopausal health both mentally and physically using the most powerful tool we have – the mind.

How the 6 weeks works

On the very first week I will look extensively at your health history, what symptoms you are having and what is possibly going on hormonally for you. We look at your main stresses and devise a plan to combat them, not only through hypnotherapy but in your normal everyday life too. Nutrition and body movement are assessed and I can advise you how to eat the right foods, exercise and move your body so that you can reach your optimum weight and level of fitness appropriate for this time of life.

Weeks 2-5 inclusive are when you have hypnotherapy which will be tailored around your specific needs. I also work on self-esteem and confidence all the way through, and in addition to the live sessions you will have audio to use at home.

The last week is about reflection from when you started the program to now being transformed and empowered so that you can make the transition through the menopause and beyond healthy in both body and mind.


“Over the last 18 months I had been suffering from night sweats, daily hot flushes, low mood and anxiety. I had tried the usual herbal remedies and prescribed medications to no avail until a mutual friend recommended Leanne’s hypnotherapy programme, I was at my lowest point and willing to try anything.

Having never tried hypnotherapy before I started the programme with no preconceptions and was a little nervous of the unknown. However, Leanne was fantastic, she made me feel comfortable and in control throughout. From day one I felt more in control of my life and from week three have not had any night sweats, hot flushes or anxiety attacks and have slept through the night for the first time in years.

Your Menopause Matters has really changed my life and given me ME back!

I would definitely recommend this programme for any woman experiencing the difficulties that come with the menopause.

Thank you Leanne.”

Denise McCoid 


“I was at my wit’s end with my Menopause. Then a friend told me about Leanne and her Menopause Matters program. I have to say that now, four weeks later after completing the program, I am a completely different person.

No more night sweats no more hot flushes, no low mood, no sleepless nights. I used to be so tired and could have easily fell asleep at 3pm every afternoon, but since doing the program I have more energy.

I still can’t believe it myself. I am more like my old self which I thought wasn’t going to be possible. I cannot thank Leanne and her Menopause Matters program enough.

She has literally given me my life back. All I can say is I’m so glad that there are people like Leanne who actually care what us women have to go through just give it a try yourself you will be amazed.

Good Luck.”

Jayne Gausden