Fully Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapy in Loughborough


Leanne can help you transform your life by getting rid of the negative thoughts in your head and turning them into positive action.

If you’re a person who is

limited by what’s going on in your head

Or… You need to take control of symptoms that are affecting your quality of life

Or… You’re anxious about things that never used to bother you

Then getting hypnotherapy is crucial to making the changes and transformation you desire to live the life you want in the future. I’ll show you how it’s not only possible but easy to use the power of your mind to turn your life around.

The reality is that hypnotherapy is a very powerful, natural, safe and quick way to solve many problems.

As a sufferer of a chronic illness myself I can tell you hypnotherapy has transformed my own life, but it wasn’t always easy…

I suffered for three years with constant pain after being diagnosed with endometriosis after a hysterectomy. In fact, my own illness and the desperation to ease the pain and learning to live with it is what has led me on this journey that now means I am a qualified hypnotherapist… and it is my passion in life to use it to help others just like me.


Here’s 8 reasons!


I’m a qualified, clinical hypnotherapist with a background in counselling and mentoring.


I am fully qualified in Sports Performance Hypnosis and Coaching


It works where other more mainstream therapies have failed.


It’s completely natural, safe and fast acting.


I won the Outstanding Achievement Award qualification with Innervisions School of Hypnosis.


I’ve helped people with debilitating menopause symptoms, pain, trauma, anxiety, stress & many emotional issues.


I’ve helped people lose weight and transform their body and their mind so they have a healthy relationship with food.


I passionately believe hypnotherapy is one of the most powerful therapies available.

Where My Passion Comes From

Here’s my philosophy:

I firmly believe that the mind and the body are all one system and if we heal the mind we heal the body.

If you’re ready to transform your mind and body and turn your life around then book a free consultation with me and let’s start the journey together.

Want to know more about what is like to work with me?

“I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone and everyone. If you consider hypnotherapy, even briefly, then it’s a sign you have a whole lot to gain from pursuing it. I can’t imagine finding anyone better for the task than Leanne. I cannot thank her enough for helping me feel what it’s like to thrive again. It has been a truly life-altering experience.”


“I started seeing and feeling a difference after only 4 sessions. I was pulling my hair less and less and using strategy Leanne had taught me to manage the anxiety. Each week we would look at the hair growth, I realised that it was working and I could see a difference in my behaviour too. I was less anxious and found it easier to talk to strangers and be in social situations and my self-confidence was improving too.”